When my parents sold their house, my mom asked me if I wanted my grandmother’s old cedar chest. I absolutely did, and immediately put it in my bedroom at the foot of the bed. It’s a bit scratched but is overall in great condition.

The Cedar Chest

My gram bought it in 1952, when my mom was two years old. Even though it’s over sixty years old, it still smells amazing.

The Cedar Chest

My plan was to put my sweaters in the chest, but when I opened it I discovered it already had items inside. Carefully placed in the bottom of the chest were the wedding dresses of my grandmother, mom, and Aunt Kathy, along with my mom’s wedding hat and my aunt’s veil. Wedding-obsessed Annabel went crazy with excitement.

“Can I wear it? They’re so beautiful! Can I touch it? Can I wear it?

I thought about it and decided there really wasn’t any reason why she couldn’t try on the headgear.

wearing my mom's wedding hat

Just like her Gramma.

Fwd: Wedding

She adored my aunt’s veil, especially since she still hasn’t gotten over my not wearing one.

wearing my aunt's wedding veil

She was so cute parading around in the hat and veil. Then I had an idea. I surprised her and brought out my wedding dress. She couldn’t believe it.

wearing my wedding dress

“Mommy, I look just like you!”

wearing my wedding dress

It was obviously enormous on her. She had to keep her arms at her side, or the dress would fall down. But she loved it. LOOOOVED. Even though the dress weighs about fifteen pounds, she didn’t want to take it off.

wearing my wedding dress

I said, “Annie, what are you thinking about?” And she replied, “All the boys I want to marry.”

That sounds expensive.