I couldn’t let Mike’s post stand. I called up a friend and arranged a trip to Dodger Stadium. Annie hadn’t been to a game since she was a few months old, and since she is less than six years away from her big decision, I can’t ever let up. I pulled out the big guns…clothes.

Baseball Town!

Yep, I bought her branded gear she could twirl in…and she loved it.

When we arrived at the stadium I took a picture with my girl right outside my old office.

mama and annie

We got there with plenty of time before the game, so we watched batting practice. Annie was totally into it – she couldn’t stop staring at the players.

focused on BP

She had plenty of snacks, and then it was time for the game to start. We had great seats (thank you, Dave!)

our seats

Annie is so hilarious – instead of being frightened by the loud crowd, she feeds off of it. When the crowd would groan, she would too. When they cheered, she would high-five.

high five!

She was really loving the Dodgers, but I had to make sure the good will lasted…somehow this adorable “Baby Dodger Bear,” found its way into Annie’s hands.

baby dodger bear!

I am not above bribery!

It clearly worked:

She also thought the beach balls that went around the stands were the coolest things ever. I am FIRMLY anti-beach ball. If you want to play with a beach ball, go to the beach! But Annie thought it was so fun, and wanted to catch it. The girls a few rows back actually caught it once and handed it to her. The look of happiness on her face, while adorable, did nothing to change my anti-beach ball position. Especially when she got very, very upset when the ball didn’t come back her way.

wants the beachball

I might have also bought her a zip-up hoodie, shush.

Luckily, Gramma distracted her with a glasses case, and all was right in her world again.


Honestly though, the best part was when she looked over at me and said, “Mama, I luff baseball.”

I luff baseball

Mike and I both agree that more than anything, we hope she enjoys the sport that her daddy and I love so much. As long as she likes baseball, who cares which team she chooses?

(I care. I care a lot. So much that next time, I’m gonna arrange for her to meet a player and run on the field. Sorry you didn’t used to work for the Giants, Mike.)