My best friend Tara and I have known each other since our parents moved onto the same street at the beginning of 1981. So we grew up together and all that and now that I’m writing this I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned her in the past but I’m way too exhausted from not working all day to go find it in my archives. Anyway. We always dreamed about our kids growing up and being best friends just like us.

Tara’s oldest daughter Reilly is 2 1/2 and she’s at the stage where she loves babies. Well, I don’t know if she loves ALL babies, because I don’t really know how she feels about her baby brother Georgie, but she loves Maddie. Georgie is six months old and, like every other baby on earth, already bigger than Maddie. All three of the kids have met several times in the past, but they are finally at the point where they take an interest in each other.

Before Maddie was crawling and Georgie was rolling, Tara and I put them on a blanket so they could look at each other. Not wanting to be left out, Reilly jumped down on the blanket with them. Tara and I grabbed our cameras and couldn’t believe when we got a shot with all of them looking at the camera.

Three of three! SUCCESS!

Or, you know, in the general direction of the camera.

Since that day, Tara and I have tried to grab time here and there, which has been hard. Tara and I both had jobs (well, Tara still has one) so our schedules were tight. We managed to get some time together for Maddie and Georgie to get to know each other even better.

Georgie and Maddie

First they got some quality time on a blanket. I only managed a couple pictures before I had to put the camera down. Maddie and Georgie were more interested in grabbing noses, cheeks, lips, and eyes. And you know what they say about fun and games and eyes. The mommies had to intervene.

After that, we decided to get them out of reach of each other, so we put them on the swings.

Friends for Life

They were uncertain at first, but as soon as they realized they weren’t going to fall, they both loved swinging.

Georgie Swings

maddie swings

These pictures are totally going in their wedding video.