When I was pregnant with James I nicknamed him The Acrobat because he was always doing flips and kicks and rolls. My belly was his own personal circus tent. I was actually worried that he was going to be an insane infant that never stopped moving, but the chillest little dude emerged instead. That’s how he stayed until about two months ago…when he became Crazy Baby.

I know exactly when the change happened. The day he figured out how to pull to a stand and cruise (it was the same day, thanks for spreading out the milestones, James!), something switched in his brain. Maybe it was the change in altitude. Now he is constantly screaming (in a “Hey guys! I’m here!” kind of way), or throwing himself against the walls of the baby jail (checking for weakness), or literally getting his head stuck between couch cushions.

He cannot be unsupervised ever. Sayonara, solo bathroom time. I thought setting him in the empty bathtub would contain him while I did my thing in the bathroom, but it only took him about .5 seconds to scale the dry walls of the tub. Dropping him in his crib works, although a few days ago I walked in to find him with one of his feet on a crib slat, trying to push up. And this is what happens when I’m with him in his play area, so you can only imagine what he’d do without me pulling him down every five seconds:

trying to escape

Toys make great step stools.

Strapping him into his high chair is the only way I can take a shower!

I remember Annie changing a bit after she started cruising, but since she was always kind of nuts her transition wasn’t so jarring. James went from, “I’m just gonna sit here and smile and maybe gently tap this toy,” to “I’M GOING TO KNOCK OVER EVERYTHING AND ALSO SCALE THIS FENCE AND SPILL THE DRINK YOU THOUGHT I COULDN’T REACH.”

It is great that he’s so active now. I was almost worried about just how calm he was! Now I know he’ll be able to hold his own with Annie. He already pushes her away when she’s in his face for too long. He falls down a lot but hops right back up because he’s super-tough. He is constantly trying to walk – like, he lets go of what he’s holding onto and goes for it! This personality of his is turning out to be awesome and I can’t wait to see how it develops. I wouldn’t mind if he stopped trying to give me a heart attack every five seconds, though!