We had a good, if germ-filled, Thanksgiving holiday with Mike’s family. My mother in law had a stomach virus, then my niece came down with a bad cold. I spent the majority of our first day there curled up in a tiny ball with my hands over my face, mentally willing all germs to stay the eff away from me. So far, my mental powers have worked and I’ve not gotten sick.

Our second day in the Bay took us into the city of San Francisco. I hadn’t been there since May, and I found myself automatically driving toward Jackie’s apartment. Mike had to gently redirect me back on-course. It was hard being in San Francisco without her, especially on the day that we’d normally be spending together. We went past tons of places that held memories, and I was constantly interrupting Mike and Annie to tell them the story that went with whatever landmark we were at. They didn’t seem to mind.

We took Annie to Union Square and showed her the big Christmas tree and ice rink outside of Macy’s.

union square

Then we took her to the top floor of Macy’s just so she could ride the escalators back down. The girl loves escalators.

escalator with daddy

We eventually made our way to Ghirardelli Square, where Annie ran around on the waterfront before we met Mike’s sister, her husband, and our nephews for dinner.

in San Francisco

mama and annie

You can’t go to Ghirardelli Square without going to the shop and getting something full of sugar.

ice cream sundae
Annie lucked out, I was supposed to share that sundae with her but felt too nauseated.

The next day was Thanksgiving, and since my mother in law had been sick the rest of us took over preparing the food. Mike and I were in charge of the turkey and I’m not going to lie, it was freaking delicious.

I made this turkey! Respect!!

I am confident this greatness can never be replicated, so I hereby relinquish all turkey-making duties.

We flew home on Friday afternoon, and unfortunately, Annie’s mental powers are not as strong as mine because she threw up late Friday night and has been sick with a high fever ever since. This illness has been a bit different from ones in the past because it actually has knocked her down a bit. Don’t get me wrong – when she’s feeling good (when the tylenol kicks in) she wants to play or decorate for Christmas. But the rest of the time she’s asking to snuggle, or telling us she wants to take a nap. YES. She is actually ASKING to take a nap. I’m hoping she’ll be on the mend soon, and I’m also hoping I don’t get whatever bug this is. I haven’t been curled up in a ball against the germs this time – when my little sickie asks for cuddles from mama, she gets them, germs be damned.