We have firmly arrived in the teething phase of Annabel’s babyhood. I forgot how much it SUCKS. Well, I remember how miserable Madeline was, so I didn’t totally forget. But OMG and woooooooow. Poor babies.

Annabel has been coping by chewing on her fingers:


Sometimes she will stick her entire fist in her mouth, which is…impressive and hopefully a party trick she will grow out of. Other times she pulls her shirt up and starts chewing on that:


It’s girls gone wild up in here! She pulled her shirt up in front of a hottie the other day (my friend’s 19-month-old Austin), and guaranteed herself a uniform of onesies when we are in public. And for the rest of her life.

When she isn’t chewing on her hands or her clothes, her gorgeous little face is all twisted up and she’s crying and I feel awful for her. I went back into my archives and I read through all the teething remedies we tried with Madeline and I’m working my way through them (and smiling at the pictures of my Maddie girl, she is so beautiful) (it’s also one of my favorite posts). Tylenol works, but I don’t/won’t give it to her constantly. What else should I try? Have I mentioned I’m getting desperate?

She was a great sleeper and now she teethes and I am not sleeping because she isn’t sleeping and I spend my nights walking her around trying to comfort her and make her feel better and the next thing I know I’ve been awake for 22 straight hours and I’m writing run-on sentences and zzzzzzzzzz.