Madeline is sixteen now. Sure, technically she’s sixteen months, but she might as well be sixteen years sometimes. She’s figured out what she wants. Like my cell phone, any computer cable or plug, glass, forks, sharp objects, climbing things, dynamite, and the occasional Abby Cadabby doll. And she’s figured out what she does NOT want. Like food, baths, being told no, and sleeping in her crib.

angry maddie

The bath thing kills me. The second she sees the bathtub she starts SHRIEKING. I imagine it’s the same sound she would make if she were being murdered. I know I feel like my ear drums are being murdered when she screams. I’m pretty sure some blood has trickled out of my ears. I don’t know what happened to suddenly make her hate having a bath. She used to LOVE bath time, I have tons of photos of her smiling in the tub. It’s like a switch was flipped, and what was once fun is now TORTURE.

baby teenager

She’s very strong-willed now. I really have no idea where she gets it…it must be Mike’s side of the family! Heh. Sometimes it’s cute. It doesn’t matter how many times I tell her NO, or move her to another part of the room, or give her a new toy. She gets a determined look on her face and stretches and reaches and gets on the tips of her toes…and manages to reach beyond the baby-proofed line. I want to get mad, but sometimes I can’t help but be proud that she doesn’t give up until she gets what she wants. Then I usually tell her NO and put whatever she grabbed back where it had been before.

that is NOT how I want to do things

Then the screaming begins. Sigh. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if she hadn’t suddenly decided she doesn’t need a nap. AT ALL. I’m hoping this is something I can chalk up to daylight savings. Except it’s been a over a week since daylight savings started, and she still refuses to nap. Then she wants to be held. Then she wants to be PUT DOWN NOW. Then she is PISSED that I DARED to put her down. Then I lose my mind.

Except just when I think I can’t take the ‘tude anymore, I get this grin. And all is right with the world.
Kiss Me, I'm Irish

This is all just a phase….right?