When I took Annie to see Dr. Looove last week, I told Mike I was putting Annie in a pull-up in anticipation of the inevitable “How’s potty training going” question. Sure enough, it was asked, and I replied, “oh well…you know….it’s been a busy summer what with my emotional breakdowns and all…Annie seems pretty happy in diapers…okay fine I am pretty happy with her in diapers.”

Dr. Looove was nice about it, but told me that we really should start trying to potty train Annie and yeah….she’s probably right. I bought her princess underwear (of course) last week, and she has the Princess Potty 4000. But uuuuggggghhhh I am dreading it. I don’t want to switch her out of a crib yet. And she’s so strong-willed that this could go…badly. Of course, the strong-willed thing could also work in our favor.

My friends Leslie and Nanette each potty trained their kids last year with the three-day method, and they swear by it. I figure it’s worth a try, right? I mean three days, I can handle three days of potty-training hell if it means we’re done at the end of it. So…we’ll probably attempt it in the next month or so. I am going to need to talk myself into it. But hopefully in a month or two I’ll be posting “Hey y’all, she’s potty trained, ooh-ooooooh!”

I will not be posting pictures, partly because it’s gross but mostly because I don’t think Future-Annie would be happy about that. I will also not be taking her out to restaurants and having her sit naked on a potty chair as if it is a booster seat omg. Yes. That really happened! I can’t even. My eyes would fall out of my head if I saw that.

Anyway, here is where you give me a pep talk and tell me that the three-day method is magical and not only will Annie come out of it potty trained, but also with the ability to read. I can do this, right? Because I really don’t want to. Team Diapers!