Last month, I took the kids to see Dr. Looove. James needed his 18-month check-up (only a couple months late…), while Annabel needed her five-year well check.

at the doctor
Waiting room shenanigans

I brought along some extra paperwork for Dr. Looove…Annabel’s kindergarten enrollment packet. Time really does fly.

Annabel is so excited for Kindergarten. When I brought her with me to the school to pick up the paperwork, her eyes were wide and she was uncharacteristically quiet. As we walked home, I said, “Is everything okay? You were pretty quiet in there.” She said, “Mom…you have to be quiet at school until the teacher calls on you!” Oh, got it.

She’s been brimming with questions ever since. “What kind of backpack can I get? Will I get to swing at recess? Will my teacher be a good drawer? Will I be able to invite my new friends over after school?” Whenever we drive by the campus, she squeals, “See you soon, school!”

I’ve been slow to fill out the pages in her enrollment packet. Not because I’m sad she’s starting Kindergarten – far from it – but because a lot of the paperwork is describing Annabel’s characteristics and personality. What do I want the teachers to know about her? It’s hard for me to narrow it down. I know I’m biased, but I think she’s pretty amazing. Enthusiastic, outgoing, confident, questioning, creative, hilarious. But I’m realistic, I know exactly what her teachers will struggle with, and I’ll be sure to put that on the forms as well. I want to make sure her teacher knows exactly what she’ll be dealing with.

If there’s one thing I am a little sad about, it will be the loss of freedom daily school will bring. I like taking advantage of the daytime hours Annabel isn’t in school to do things that would be too crowded to enjoy on the weekends. But that’s a minor thing. The regular schedule and routine of Monday through Friday school will be great for all of us.

In a little more than two-and-a-half months, Annabel will be done with Pre-K. Her teachers right now are amazing, and she’s thrived under their guidance. I really can’t wait to see what elementary school has in store for my girl.

With confidence

I think she’s going to take it by storm.