I slept until 9 am and then I took a shower in my own house! I feel like a new person.

Swing For TwoWe’re working to get Maddie back on her regular schedule. Before her hospital stay she was only waking up once a night to eat. Since she was having a hard time keeping food down when she was sick, we were feeding her smaller amounts more often. Now that she’s feeling better, we are trying to get her back to eating more, less often. She woke up three times last night, so we haven’t had much success yet. It’s only been one day, though, so we can’t really complain.

My parents and cousin Leah came over to visit with Maddie today. My mom helped me better organize Maddie’s clothes, sheets, towels, and blankets. Her dresser and changing table drawers were overflowing with stuff, and I’d started to use her crib as a temporary storage place. My mom decided that today was the day she was going to force me to get better organized. She dealt with the sheets, towels, and blankets, and I sorted all her clothes. Part of the problem is that Maddie and I share a closet (while Mike has his own – what’s up with THAT?), so we really ARE limited in space. Together my mom and I got everything put away and now Maddie’s crib is ready for her to sleep in. I don’t know that we’ll let her sleep in there at night yet…she’s ready, but Mike and I aren’t. We need a few more nights of her at home in the bassinet next to our bed before we are ready to let our tiny girl sleep in her own room.

I set up her video monitor (thanks, Robs!!!) and I can see Mike and I having ridiculous fun with it. My dad took one look at the camera and started messing around with it. All I have to say is, thank goodness it isn’t hooked up to a VCR. Boys see cameras and revert into 12 year olds.

Rigby is so pleased we are all back home. I’d thought for sure she’d be happy that Madeline was gone for two weeks – even though she’d warmed up to her in the last month, I felt like there was still some animosity there. But when I set Maddie’s car seat down yesterday, Rigby was ALL ABOUT her. She would have climbed into the seat with Maddie if I’d let her. As it was, I let Rigby smell her feet and she licked Maddie’s foot for like five minutes. It was both cute and slightly nauseating. Today, when I put Maddie in her swing, Rigby carefully climbed in it with her and laid on her legs! They remained that way for about three minutes, until Maddie literally kicked Rigby out of the swing with a chubby leg. Sibling rivalry. (Don’t let the perspective in the photo fool you – Rigby weighs three pounds less than Madeline.)

I’m hopeful that Mike will let me take Maddie out of her bubble and we can go for a walk around the neighborhood tomorrow. Living in a hospital for two weeks seriously impacted my diet and exercise regimen (I say that as if I have much of one), and I’m feeling like being a little active. I also hope to visit Tara and her son tomorrow! Or as I refer to him, Son-in-Law. It makes me laugh that Son-in-Law is the same length that Maddie is now and weighs only 1 pound, 5 ounces less than her. At this rate, he will hit ten pounds first and Tara will be enjoying solid nights of sleep before Mike and me. You don’t find too many almost-five-month-olds that still fit into Newborn clothes. She’s so freaking cute, though. My dad calls her a teacup baby. She would definitely fit in my purse, if I was, you know, psycho.