I went to Old Navy today and I bought a better bathing suit and no one called me fat. So THERE, Target!

I also picked up some freaking adorable bathing suits for Maddie. I mean…how can you resist a sixteen month old in an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini?
Maddie Moozer Fashion Paloozer - Swimsuit Edition

Or a sixteen month old all decked out in an anchor bathing suit (future DG what) and matching flip flops?
Maddie Moozer Fashion Paloozer - Swimsuit Edition

Seriously irresistible.

We need bathing suits because this weekend we are going to Arizona. Mike’s family has gone just about every year (except for the last two years because of babies) since he was a kid. We swim, we go to Spring Training baseball games, and over the course of several meals we eat an entire cow. Each. I don’t know what it is about Arizona, but they love the beef. And I love the beef. It’s a mutual beef-fest.

So that’s our weekend plan. We’re very much looking forward to going away for a long weekend. It will be fun to have all of our families there (my parents are also going), and Maddie will be able to cross her second US state off her list. I’m just a little nervous about flying with her. I would love any advice on how to fly with a little one. Some awesome peeps on The Twitter told me how to bring liquid through security for her, but what else do I need to know?

To thank you, I offer up another gratuitous Maddie photo!
Maddie Moozer Fashion Paloozer - Swimsuit Edition
(She’s going to need to grow into those bottoms)