Mike and I have decided that we each have to carve out some time to “decompress.” I am definitely a person who needs to zone out occasionally or I get too wound up. Sunday morning is my time. Mike gets up with the kids, and while they all play/eat/make a big fun mess, I take some time to watch TV, or play candy crush, or hop around on the internet. Or do all three at the same time, because apparently even when I’m decompressing I still have to multitask.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the things that left an impression on me, and I hope that you will leave links to things you liked in the comments below – especially if you wrote it!

Great Reads:

~Morgan’s post about her husband’s depression had me holding my breath. Depression is a beast, and Morgan does a beautiful job of describing what it’s like to live alongside it.

~Katherine’s list of what postpartum depression recovery does NOT look like is so, so important. I wish this had been around when I was in the depths of postpartum anxiety.

Currently Laughing At:

~One of Mike’s BuzzFeed posts was discussed on the Today Show by two of my favorites, Al and Willie! Willie Geist is my Best Friend On TV, he just doesn’t know it (watch them discuss it here).

~Old Navy has been botching the photoshop big-time lately. I posted a couple on my facebook page but I have to share them here too because WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!?!

old navy photoshop fail

Besides the fact that the girl in green seemingly has two right arms, there are also some serious leg issues on both of these chicks.
on wtp 2

I am so disturbed by this one.

Currently Obsessed With:

~I’ve been using and loving Hemingway, the free web and desktop editor that makes your writing bold and clear. I’ve started pasting all of my writing in there and get excited when I don’t have any red or green.

~love Stitch Fix. I joined it five months ago and have been incredibly pleased with the clothing and accessories that have been chosen for me – nothing I’d normally pick, but it all works perfectly. They messed up my first box and their customer service was incredibly apologetic, sending me a free replacement. Some of my current favorite clothing items came out of my Stitch Fix boxes, but I absolutely adore this bracelet:

I love this bracelet

It closes with a magnet so I don’t have to fumble to put it on and I love it forever.

Thrilled With:

~Team March for Maddie has raised over $1300 dollars so far, and I am personally 1/5 of the way to my $5,000 goal. Massive heartfelt thanks to everyone who’s donated so far. Have you joined our team? We’d love to have you with us in person or in spirit.


~Our awesome friends at Baby Jack Blankets are going above and beyond to support our March for Babies team and Friends of Maddie. For every lovie purchased before the march, Baby Jack Blankets will donate one to Friends of Maddie for us to use in our NICU support packs. Find out more here. We are honored they are doing this! Annabel and James both have Baby Jack lovies, and they are beautiful, well-made blankets that can handle a LOT of kid loving. My two love theirs! Buy a blanket for the kid(s) in your life and help some sweet babies, too.

Have a great Sunday!

None of these are sponsored, I just like ’em!