School starts for Annabel on Wednesday!! WOOOO HOOOO! She is so excited to see her friends every day. Yesterday she chatted with her best friend on the phone and they talked about their first day outfits, and who they hope is in their class. All of her new supplies are loaded into her new backpack, and now we just have to survive the next few days of her asking me, “How many more hours until school starts?”

After she got herself dressed, she looked in the mirror and said, “Yeah, I look like a first grader.”

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James doesn’t start preschool until after Labor Day, but we’re getting him all ready. We’ve been playing at the park near his school to get him acclimated, and this week he and I will make a special trip to pick out a few school things while Annie is in school. He’s going to the same preschool Annabel went to and will have the same teachers, so I’m hoping it will all strike him as vaguely familiar. I’m really excited for him to start branching out on his own! It’s going to be verrry interesting.


~I thought Annabel was going to go with an emoji-theme for this school year, but in the end she went with shades of purple and blue for everything. I couldn’t convince her to get a smaller backpack (those are for babies, I was told), so she’s going to be walking to school with this giant thing on her back.

~She also picked out another pair of black boots to wear on the first day of school, just like last year. I didn’t even bother trying to talk her out of it this time!

~Thank goodness James is easy with shoes. He just wanted regular velcro Converse sneakers. It’s also a good thing we got his feet measured because it turns out I’ve been putting him in shoes that were two sizes too small! Mom of the year right here.

Shot@Life update

You guys are still knocking it out of the park! After three weeks, we’re responsible for over 6,400 vaccines on the blog, and over 7,200 on Facebook. Amazing! We still have 10 more days of August!!! Keep it up, rock stars.

Happy Sunday, everyone!