We are really packing in the last few moments of summer before school starts on the 26th. Last night, we went over to a friend’s house and watched a movie in their yard. The night was so warm, and the kids had a total blast sitting in little chairs and sleeping bags while they watched Home. We parents had fun sitting together, talking about teachers and other plans. I’m so ready for the school routine to start, but fun nights like this make me a little sad summer vacation is coming to an end. I also really want a projector to have movies in our backyard! It was so cool.

watching Home

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Growing Up

~If your kids loved Inside Out, you need to show them this little snippet from the upcoming short, Riley’s First Date. Annabel and James watched it about eight times. It looks really cute.

Star Wars Everywhere

~Lots of fun Star Wars news this week! The first is new themed makeup from Cover Girl. It looks pretty fun – I expect to see a lot of people wearing it at Halloween and at the first showings of the new Star Wars movie in December.

~At the big Disney fan convention, D23, Disney Parks announced a bunch of new Star Wars attractions, the biggest being entire Star Wars lands at Disneyland and Disney World. They’re also going to reimagine a few existing attractions to make them more on-theme with the Star Wars franchise, which should be interesting (and fun, if you’re a fan).

Shot at Life

~Please take a moment to leave a comment on my Shot at Life post. During the entire month of August, every comment (and comment reply), share, tweet, and Facebook like gives vaccines to children around the world. As of now, we have reached about 2,400 vaccines, and my goal for this blog was 3,000! You guys are seriously amazing.

Happy Sunday, everyone!