Yesterday we celebrated family birthdays – Sebastian, Leah, my dad, and my Aunt Lynn. I love big family get-togethers and I’m happy that Leah and Ted’s upcoming wedding means we have a lot of them in store over the next two months. Today is girls’ day with my friends and I’m so excited to catch up with my pals. But next weekend? NEXT WEEKEND IS BRITNEY.

Good Reads

~ Sometimes I ignore my children, and that’s okay As a work-from-home parent, I struggle with this almost every day.

~ I Got Botox And Lied About It to My Husband Morgan’s post is regretful, although I had to laugh when she said her husband hadn’t even noticed that she’d frozen a quarter of her face.

~ This Restaurant Doesn’t Want Your Crying Kids — and I Don’t Blame Them A California restaurant has made it clear children are not welcome, and I think that’s just fine.

Around The ‘Net

~ If I was on a subway car where people started singing like this, I would literally burst into tears.

~ This brilliant teenager’s science fair project might seriously be able to cut down on cyber-bullying.

~ In “DUH!” news, a sleep study shows new moms are dangerously exhausted for months. “Dangerously Exhausted” is the name of my band.

~ I was on Good Morning America the week before last, talking about my experiences as a Stitch Fix customer. It was really fun having the GMA crew at our house (Annie thought it was amazing) until they asked me to open my closet, and then I died inside.

Fun Stuff

~ I can’t stop turning pictures of the kids into Lego bricks (h/t Cool Mom Tech)

~ I think I’m going to surprise Annie one of these days and make her a Ninja Turtle lunch.

~ These wedding gifs (yes!) are seriously amazing.

Pretty Things

~ Oh, these personalized handwriting rings, bracelets, and necklaces make me want to dig through my memory boxes to find everything I have that my Grandma and Jackie wrote on. What an amazing keepsake.

~ Sometimes I get completely lost in fashion and tutorial blogs. The other night I was fighting writer’s block and read a bunch of posts about hot rollers. I think the last time I used hot rollers was the 90s, but now I kind of want to try them again. My problem is I have a lot of hair, so I need a set with a lot of curlers and finding sets with 20+ rollers that don’t cost a grip is proving kind of hard. I might end up buying two 12-roller sets. Also, I had this steam curler set back in the day! Ahhh, the 90s. Anyway, if you have a roller set you like, let me know!

~I’ve been playing with hair volumizing powder and this one by Big Sexy Hair has given me some great results so far. It’s taken me a few tries to figure out how to make it work best for my hair but wow, it really works. My roots get lots of volume and my braids look three-times thicker. If you want the big hair look but don’t like powder, there are some good spray and mousse options here.


Bang braid with volume powder.

Doing Good

~ Don’t forget, every comment and share this post receives gives another vaccine to a child who needs and wants one. Leave lots of comments every day!

~ In a few weeks, my local friends and I will be participating in the Los Angeles Brain Tumor walk on Team Fighting on for Jackie. Please send us (and her amazing family) lots of good vibes.

Happy Sunday, everyone!