James did fantastic with potty training, and his reward for completing his potty chart was a trip to his favorite place on Earth, Chuck E. Cheese’s. He was pretty proud of himself (we’re proud of him, too):

he did it

He ran all over the place, playing every game he could get his hands on.

ridin' james

When he came home, he crashed on the couch for three hours. Chuck E. Cheese really takes it out of a kid.

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My Arteest

~While Mike and James were hanging out with Chuck, Annie and I had a mother/daughter day. We got our nails done, had lunch, captured some Pokémon, and then I took her to a new place that just opened in our mall. Kids can drop in any time for art lessons, where they first draw and then paint in their masterpiece. Annabel was in heaven. She chose to draw a character from My Little Pony, and I watched as the instructor walked her through the process but never actually touched Annie’s artwork. I was impressed with how it turned out, and she was THRILLED. We’ll definitely go back!

princess luna, by Annie

Cool Stuff

~Harry Potter and the Cursed Child comes out today!! So excited to read it!
~Something about these hot pink shoes with tiny spikes spoke to me (maybe it was the sale price).
~Converse shoes are for sale at Nordstrom for boys and girls. I’ll be stocking up while the Anniversary sale is going!

Happy Sunday, everyone!