We’re bracing for more thunderstorms here today, which is awesome because we desperately need the rain. This drought has been terrible, and while this isn’t going to even make a dent, at least our thirsty plants are getting some water. My poor fruit trees look so sad, while my grass is a “lovely gold” color. Mike snapped this picture of the kids staring out at the rain yesterday – James was very confused by it! I told the kids they could dance around in the rain today, so they keep running to the window to see if the rain has arrived yet.

watching the rain

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Serging Forward

~Okay, sewing people. Talk to me about sergers. I’ve been playing around with simple clothing patterns and I know a serger would make the items look nice, more durable, etc. I’ve been looking at the Brother 3 or 4 Thread Serger for a while (the page has been open on my computer for a few weeks!), but I just can’t pull the trigger. For those of you who have one, what do you think?

Instant Photos

~My Father-in-Law’s birthday was last week. We always struggle with what to get him (just like with my dad, this must be a dad/grandpa thing), but this year we nailed it. He loves printing photos of his grandkids, so we got him a printer that’s just for pictures – and he can print directly from his phone! He was able to set it up right away and it has great quality prints. I highly recommend it!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I’m still sitting on my birthday gift cards, trying to figure out how to spend them, and I’ve come across some good deals:

~If you’ve ever wanted Frye boots or bags, they’re on sale!
~Rebecca Minkoff is also on sale (I love these threader earrings).
~Tucker + Tate is on sale for the kids – I get lots of stuff for James and Annabel during this sale!
~Also Tea Collection! And Mini Boden! And Converse!

Who am I kidding, I’ll probably spend my gift certificates on my kids.

Happy Sunday, everyone!