Yesterday, we took Annabel and her bestie to Disneyland. We decided to not bring James this time since he’s so new to being potty trained. I felt guilty about it but I also told Annie that in a few years when James has a best buddy we’re going to bring the two of them to Disneyland and Annie will stay home. It does help that we’re taking James to Chuck E. Cheese this week as a reward for filling his potty chart (that was his choice). Two six-year-old girls at Disneyland is an experience. They wanted to meet characters, shop for souvenirs, and get their hair done. As I told Mike, that meant lots of air-conditioned time, so it wasn’t too bad! They did eventually want to go on rides, and they semi-pressured each other into trying new ones by trying to prove they “weren’t scared.” This was a good thing because Annabel likely wouldn’t have gone on ANYTHING if her friend hadn’t been there (afraid isn’t the right word, but she’s really wary of most rides). We love Annie’s best friend, the two of them are so cute and sweet to each other.


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We All Scream!

~I feel it is my public duty to let all of you know that today is National Ice Cream Day. That means everyone needs to eat ice cream and none of the calories count. Also, I just found this list of places offering special deals for the occasion so now you really have no excuse not to get a scoop (except for like, health reasons. If you don’t like ice cream, I can’t help you.). Eat up!

Pretty Things

~Target is having a 30% off rugs sale today and tomorrow, and I juuuust so happen to be in the market for a rug so I will spend the next 48 hours obsessing over the options.
~I have a Nordstrom debit card so I have early access to their Anniversary Sale. Of course, that means I just obsess over the options and then spend my birthday gift card on school stuff for the kids, per usual.
~These earrings are super pretty (and super on sale).

Happy Sunday, everyone!