The Sundays of long weekends are always a bummer. Back to life tomorrow! Annabel stars another week-long camp (but this one is 6 hours a day), so James and I will be getting a preview of what our days will be like when Annabel is in Kindergarten. I have a feeling it’s going to be quite an adjustment for him.

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The Long and Short of it

~I haven’t worn shorts in…gosh, maybe since I was in college, so close to 18 years. I have a bunch of reasons why, but it mostly just came down to me not liking how my legs looked in them. But a few weeks ago when the kids started swim lessons, I was too hot on the pool deck in yoga pants, so I bought some athletic shorts at Old Navy. When I put on a pair, I remembered that I don’t care how my legs look in shorts! Life is too short to sweat on the pool deck. Then, last weekend I was sent a pair of shorts in my Stitch Fix and instead of sending them back without taking them out of the box, I tried them on and they’re cute! This morning I got an email from Nordstrom about $30 shorts at their anniversary sale…so I guess I’m a shorts convert now. Shorts for everyone!

james loves shorts
James likes pictures of shorts.


~Okay, how many of you have tried this KonMari method for organizing and decluttering? I definitely need to declutter (my office, for example, is our hiding place for semi-necessary things), but I don’t know how well the whole, “keep what brings you joy” thing would work for me. You know what brings me joy? Stuff. Just ask Mike. It’s really hard for me to get rid of anything. So is this method going to help me with this? Or would the book be one more item of clutter?

Happy Sunday, everyone!