The first weekend of summer vacation has been great so far. Annie’s social calendar is filling up fast. It’s kind of ridiculous, but fun for her. Still, I’m making sure to plan in lots of down time. The best part of summer is lazy days of blowing bubbles, or sitting in the shade, or napping under the A/C vent.

Good Reads

~This is more looking at photos than reading, but I was still blown away by these before and afters. Such artistry. I also couldn’t help but think how beautiful all these women were before all the makeup.

~Ugh. I hate cancer. Hate. It. This got me right in the gut. I’m moved by how Oren is more worried about his family than himself. It’s so unfair.

Summer Necessities

~Annie needed summer sandals, so I took her to the mall last week to find some. We walked by a display of these cute slip-ons and she said, “Mom, these are so adorable.” Apparently she’s 14. She eventually picked out these sandals, and the saleswoman said, “These are perfect for summer, you can get them wet!” Now Annie wants to wear them into the pool. Great.

~This hair detangler is THE BEST I’ve tried on Annie in ages. It works great on both dry hair and straight out of the pool hair. AND it smells like an orange creamsicle.

~I have a very similar bathing suit cover-up from Old Navy and it’s just so pretty that I would wear it all the time…you know, if it were socially acceptable to walk around wearing bathing suit cover-ups in every day life.

~I need one of these for when I get hot watching Annie run around at the park…or the pool…or in the backyard…basically everywhere.

Online Utilities

~I use this site all the time to resize photos for free.

~This list is invaluable for eliminating the word “very” from your writing.

A Stitch In Time

~I mentioned Stitch Fix a few months ago and a lot of you emailed and commented with questions. I’ve been getting monthly boxes since November and I’ve been really happy with the service. This month’s box was awesome, I kept everything. I think the key is being honest and detailed with your feedback and what you want in a box. At this point the number one reason I send an item back is fit. That’s not the stylist’s fault, just my body bugaboos. This is the style card from this month’s fix (I love that they send style suggestions with every piece).

June 2014 Stitch Fix

This month’s Stitch Fix, clockwise from top left: Joe 3/4 tab sleeve shirt dress, Naara cuffed denim short (NEVER would have picked these but they are so flattering), Connie stud button racerback tank, Macklin abstract print cut-out back tank, and a wrap bracelet (not pictured).

~Related: I have a few friends who only have good things to say about Gwynniebee for sizes 10-32. Has anyone here tried it who can comment on if it’s good/bad/worth a try?

I Feel The Need…The Need To Read

~I need some books to read this summer. Like most of you, I don’t have a ton of time to read, so I want books that are quick and easy but won’t make me want to throw things across the room (AHEM Gone Girl STILL MAD ATCHU). I’m not opposed to Young Adult, either. They’re almost always exactly what I’m looking for (you know, some fluff. Lovely fluff.). Suggestions, please!!!

Mike, Stop Reading Here

~Besides shoe shopping, the kids and I also have been shopping for Father’s Day. Annie and I spent hours going through photos for this circle photo collage from Minted. She even helped me decide where to place the photos! I LOVE how it turned out.

Mike's Father's Day Present

Happy Sunday, friends!