We had a GREAT day yesterday celebrating James’ birthday. I’ve never seen the little guy so happy! We had a “Bubblist,” aka a guy who does a bubble show, and James was beside himself over the enormous bubbles. My amazing cousins Leah and Ted took almost 700 pictures, so I have a TON to sort through, but this one is a winner so far:

bubble boy

The company I work for is one of the sponsors of the Great Big Family Play Day, so if you’re in LA and looking for something fun to do with your kids, you should come by!

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YouTube Kids

~A few months ago, I downloaded the YouTube Kids app for Annabel (if you have kids, you should seriously download it, EVERYTHING is safe for kids). Last week, she discovered EvanTubeHD and she is totally into it. Mike sent me this article on Evan from a few years ago, The Most Popular Kid You’ve Never Heard Of and holy shmoly, what an empire this kid has.

Inside Out

~We are all excited about the new Inside Out movie. The social media campaign is really cool, they have an instagram account (full of behind the scenes images), free images to download on the official website, and coloring pages on their pinterest page. These are helping satisfy Annabel until the movie comes out in a few weeks. Okay, they are satisfying me, too.

Continue The Fight

~I was very sad to learn about Beau Biden’s death from brain cancer. Jackie raised so much money to help beat brain cancer, and I hope there will someday be a cure. We’ll be walking for her in LA this summer, but if you are interested in donating to her San Francisco fundraising team, click here.

Happy Sunday, everyone!