Good morning, pals. We’ve had a crazy weekend. We surprised Annie with an overnight to Knott’s Berry Farm and Soak City Water Park and had a blast. I love water parks and our current heat wave made floating down the lazy river heavenly. The hotel we stayed at offered a “Snoopy Tuck In” which was SO CUTE. But all that time walking around in our bathing suits made me REALLY ready for summer to start. Only three more weeks of school (this is my life right now)!

snoopy tuck in


‘Round The Net

~A ranking of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update anchors. Do you agree with the order? I think Kevin Nealon should have been higher, and Amy and Tina should have been numero uno.

~When my brother isn’t taking helicopters to private parties at the Cannes Film Festival, he’s revealing motion posters for Orange is the New Black. They. Are. Awesome.

(Big) Girl Stuff

~I wouldn’t mind getting these stacked rings for my birthday.

~These tank tops from Target are so soft I want to live in them. Get thee to a store and buy them up immediately. They’re on sale for $6 each!

(Little) Girl Stuff

~Annie always gets compliments when she wears her shiny leggings. You can get the rainbow striped here or the solid-colored here.

shiny adorbs girl

~At the water park Annie and her friends were pretending they were mermaids, so I know she’d flip over this swimmable mermaid tail.

(Big) Boy Stuff, for Father’s Day

~We have a desktop Mac and this usb extender would come in very handy. A certain dad I know might be getting this next month.

~My mom gave Mike these headphones for Christmas, and I borrow them whenever I can because they’re amazing.

(Little) Boy Stuff

~Still getting ready for James’ big day (still in denial). He received this romper as an early present and he is so cute in it I can hardly stand it.

~A good coder is hard to find. Start ’em young!

Happy Sunday, friends!