As you all know, April is a crappy month around here. Everything about it reminds me of when Maddie died…so I decided to just “skip” April. Mentally, I went from March straight to May. Did it help? Eh, maybe a little. Twelve years later and it’s still so hard. The day-to-day living gets easier with time, but when the calendar flips to April it’s like every coping mechanism I’ve developed over the years goes out the window and I feel as raw as if it happened yesterday. The little things I do to protect myself (like changing my calendar from March directly to May) might seem silly, but I need every little mind trick to help me cope.

Last month wasn’t all bad, though. Annie and James are continuing to thrive in softball and baseball. Annie hit a grand slam in a game, and James hit two home runs. I’m still managing Annie’s teams, and because Mike is still working from home, he’s been able to be an assistant coach on James’ team. The kids are in school and our county Covid numbers have been steadily declining. I am now fully vaccinated, and Mike gets his second jab this week. The best news is that because we’ll be vaccinated, we will finally get to spend time with Mike’s parents at the end of May. We haven’t seen them in a year and a half, and James is THRILLED that he’ll get to be with both sets of grandparents on his birthday.

Speaking of James’ birthday, several of you have asked me if it’s time for him to choose his baseball team. The answer is YES, since he is turning eight this year, he will “officially” declare his allegiance for either the Dodgers or the Giants. For those who don’t know, when Mike and I first got married we jokingly said that our children would be old enough to choose their favorite baseball team on their eighth birthdays. Annie chose the Dodgers three years ago, and I’m feeling pretty confident that James will do the same – the Dodgers really did me a solid by winning the World Series last year. I mean, when you have two hats in front of you, how can you resist the one with gold piping that says “World Champions?”

(Don’t be dismayed for Mike – the kids both root for his hometown basketball team, the Warriors, which disgusts me but I accept it.) (Also, we really don’t take any of this seriously.)

My two Dodgers fans.

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Happy Sunday, everyone!