The March For Babies was yesterday and I’m still recovering. I went to bed at 9pm last night, which is incredible for me. My body is aching all over, clearly I need to up my gym game.

Good Reads

~Liz at Mom 101 says we’re all parenting wrong, and I love it.

~This has been going around on Facebook, but if you haven’t seen the images of 1.5 million balloons being released over Cleveland, it’s definitely worth a look.

More Mother’s Day Ideas

~OMG someone please buy this and make me a Rigby.

~Mike gave me this delicate birthstone necklace last year and I always recommend it.

~I received this clutch as a Thank You for speaking at an event last week, and I can’t wait to use it on a date or girls’ night.

claire v clutch

What She’s Wearing

~Annie loves wearing dresses, but she’s also very active and loves swinging, climbing, and flipping when she wears them. A lot of people ask me about what I put over her underwear, and it’s usually one of three options:

1) Capezio Boy Cut Low Rise Shorts from Amazon (she also wears these to gymnastics)

2) Freestyle Danskin Shorts from Target

3) Girls Jersey Stretch Shorts from Old Navy

So Ready For

~The first scene of Orange Is The New Black is online and I’ve watched it twice already.  I read the book last year and found it fascinating (and different from the series, which definitely takes some creative license). The new season comes out June 6th…I’m going to have to seriously resist the urge to binge-watch.

~And speaking of OITNB, this interview with the real-life Alex is really interesting (but full of spoilers, so if you want to read the book, skip it for now).

Happy Sunday, everyone!