Thank you so much for all of your support this week. Six years in and it’s still so painful, but feeling the love from all of you helps so much. Annabel’s spring break ends today, so between going back to school and both kids starting swim lessons this week, I’m hoping the time between now and James’ appointment on Thursday will fly by. As nice as it’s been to have this past week off with everything that’s been going on (my brain could seriously only handle the bare-minimum), having our routines back will be good for all of us.

Around The ‘Net

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Your Mom

~Mother’s Day is exactly four Sundays from today, and as I come across cute gift ideas I’ve been bookmarking them. I can’t speak highly enough about the gift I’m not-so-secretly hoping to get this year, a silhouette charm of my James to match the two I already have of his sisters. The company that made Annabel’s charm, Love and Victory, did a fantastic job. After two years of wear it’s still in great condition:

silhouette charm

~Love and Victory also has these beautiful custom engraved rings that would be so pretty stacked with the names of kids, grandkids, etc.

~These initial necklaces are pretty and dainty (I like dainty necklaces).

~There are also personalized name rings.

~This is a super-flattering casual tank top.

~Or maybe they’ve seen the commercial for the one-second slicer and they’re as obsessed with it as I am.

~Pretty shoes are always nice, too.

~Make up palettes are a great gift.


~There’s a new Vacation movie coming out, you guys! The cast sounds amazing, but can someone please tell me if that is Beverly D’Angelo next to Chevy Chase in this picture? BECAUSE WHOA. Also, could Chevy Chase look more annoyed in that picture? He’s starting to wear his reputation.

March for Babies

~Have you signed up to march with us in person or in spirit? The march is just two weeks away! It’s free to join and only takes a few minutes of your time! Thank you to everyone who has signed up and donated so far – you all are amazing! I am getting closer to my personal goal of $5,500 this year, so every little bit helps moms and babies. You can also share my post about the March of Dimes’ mission, as getting the word out is so important.

Happy Sunday, everyone!