Daylight Savings is the worst. Give me back my hour!! I need my hour!! It doesn’t help that I’ve been traveling for the last week…my body is very confused. Glad to be back home for a while with my family, even if putting the kids to bed tonight is going to be a mega-challenge!

me and my girl

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Current Obsessions

~This cozy asymmetrical sweater from Zara.
~This chino skirt from Anthropologie that can be dressed up or down.
~These treatment pads that have made my skin look and feel amaaaazing.
~This hoodie we bought for Rigby.

Yee Haw

~Annabel’s school had “Western Spirit Day” last week, and she was beyond excited because, “I can wear a hat all day, even in the classroom!” I loved all of the themed spirit days when I was a kid – I think they do a good job of breaking up the day-to-day and make things a little more fun. I just keep waiting for Crazy Hair Day, though…hopefully Annabel will let me go wild

yee haw

Happy Sunday, everyone!