The kids are finally getting rec sports back! Annie’s new softball team started practicing a week ago, and James’ new baseball team is having their first practice this week. I’m so excited for both of them to have another bit of “normal” added back to their lives. I’m even excited about schlepping them both all over town for practices and games!

Off to do normal school things!

Around The ‘Net

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Fun Finds

~I have to give a shoutout to these glass phone screen protectors. They’ve saved my phone’s screen so many times.
~I ordered these soap paper sheets so we have something else to add to our hand sanitizing to-go bag. They’re really cool!
~At the beginning of quarantine, I ordered this set of bag sealers and I’m obsessed. I have one in the kitchen to close bags of chips and other foods (which helps me save on ziplock bags), and I keep the other with my craft supplies to keep all my different materials separate and organized.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Stay safe out there!