I cannot WAIT until winter break! I have senioritis of 2014. I’m so looking forward to the week of Christmas when we’re all off and can have lazy mornings snuggling under blankets. Although, I know when that week is actually here, we’ll be running around like crazy chickens. But let me have my dream!

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Around the ‘Net

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~These Tiny Doors Are Hidden All Around This Town

~The pilots of Instagram: beautiful views from the cockpit, violating rules of the air Seriously fascinating (and a little scary).

~The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge Rory was seen reading 339 books on-screen. What. a. show-off.

~These gifs hurt my brain (in a good way)

~99 texting acronyms and phrases that every parent should know IDK…MEGO.

~What’s your hipster business name? Mine is Tower & Fate.

~How Old Are the Geller Kids Now? Teenagers, you guys. They are teenagers.

~I need to know what kind of ice cream.

Crazy Pajamas

I have an obsession with matching pajamas, and I might have gone overboard and bought my kids a few sets already. The first two… I don’t know what I was thinking. They were both full-body jammies. The first set had to be completely removed for diaper changes and potty – a TERRIBLE idea for nighttime. The second set had a zipper, which worked for James, but not sleepy Annabel. So I started a search for two-piece jammies. I eventually found a cute pair at Target, but not before I found some real doozies on Amazon.

Annie and James in their Elf Jammies.

~These are family “butt flap” pajamas, which…fine, whatever. The family in the picture looks all smiley and normal, but then you look at the dad and WTF. He’s just like…”do you think my butt flap pajamas are sexy?”  Seriously…zoom in on his face.

~These pajamas are misspelled IN THE EXAMPLE IMAGE, but people still bought them. Or should I say, “bobht” them.

Gifts for the Kitchen

I find gifts for the kitchen to be some of the best to give, because everyone’s gotta eat!

~A portable, non-electric crockpot

~Cut-resistant kitchen gloves I need an entire suit made of this material.

~Handwritten recipe engraved on a cutting board I’ve linked to this before, but it’s worth repeating. SUCH a great gift!

~These collapsible funnels are great.

~A food truck ceramic bowl

~Kitchen in a bottle How efficient!

~I would have loved a Pirate Corkscrew when I was a bartender.

~This Monday Mug is crucial.

~A handheld milk frother James demands I froth all of his sippy cups.

~I love their aprons.

Happy Sunday, everyone!