The fires continue to rage here in Southern California. The fire closest to us, the Thomas Fire, is the largest, with over 155,000 acres burning or burned. The fire’s progress in our direction has been halted. It’s hard to say that I feel “lucky” for that, although I do, because so many others are threatened as a result. The winds were gusting again last night, and we’re scheduled to have an unseasonably warm week. I can’t stop thinking about the men and women working tirelessly to stop the fire and protect so many thousands of people. I’m so grateful for their efforts and hope they have continued success this week. As of now, that fire is only 15% contained, so there is a lot still ahead of them.

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Yesterday was Mike’s birthday, and the kids and I did our best to shower him with love. He’s the best husband and dad and we’re so lucky and thankful for him.

For his birthday, I gave him this painting by the incredibly talented Gabby Untermayerova, who has done some amazing artwork for our family in the past but this one might be my favorite.

The Toddler Survival Guide

LA people! Mike and I will be on KTLA Morning News tomorrow, 12/11, in the 9:00 hour talking about the book and surviving holidays with a toddler. Watch us and count how many times I say, “UM.” (But don’t make it a drinking game, it could get ugly.)

Fun Stuff

~James picked out “Fantastic Gymnastics” to give to Mike as a birthday present, and now we’re all obsessed with it. I won’t rest until I stick the landing!
~I’ve heard amazing things about these Zella leggings. They’re much pricier than my usual Target purchases, so if you have them, convince me why I should ask Santa for a pair!
~Annie would love this rhinestone reindeer antler headband.

Happy Sunday, everyone!