We’re having another busy weekend of pumpkin patches, football games, baseball viewings,  birthday parties, etc. It’s going to be hard to go back to the regular routine tomorrow, which is the problem with jam-packed weekends o’fun. I just keep reminding the kids that the end of every weekend brings us closer to Leah’s wedding and Halloween. Yay!

Around The ‘Net

~How Madewell Bought and Sold My Family’s History

~First baby born after womb transplant.

~Forty Portraits in Forty Years

~What it’s like to fly in an airplane’s suite. So much food..

~This is similar to how I name stuffed animals.

Super Helpful

~My kids don’t have any allergies or asthma, but I still regularly read Scratch or Sniff because I want to do my part to keep kids with allergies safe.

~You’re probably using these words wrong.

~This was written in August but I think it’s fascinating – How The US Healthcare System Would Handle Ebola


~Annie wants to be one of the characters from The Lego Movie for Halloween (at least, that’s what she wants to be this week), and while I searched the internet and Amazon in vain to find a costume that does not exist (Wyldstyle…I’m going to have to make it), my searching uncovered the most random stuff. Like Unicorn Meat. Or a book on how to run your own unicorn farm. Or the most terrifying unicorn mask you’ve ever seen. I fell down a unicorn wormhole.

Stuff I Want

~I need a new doormat, and this etsy shop has fun options. Now I just have to pick one…maybe Hello/Goodbye?

~Someday it will stop being 100 degrees in Los Angeles and I’ll be able to pack away my sandals and tank tops…right? I bought some casual slip-on flats at Target a couple weeks ago but it’s just been too hot to wear them. I told myself I am not allowed to buy any more casual shoes (or really…shoes at all), but if I could break my rule I really like these pointy-toed flats. Maybe Santa will bring them.

Haunted House

~The Halloween decorations are coming out of the garage today, but Annie and I have been scoping out store decorations for the last two weeks. We picked up this light-up mummy and James has a love/hate relationship with it. He loves to run up and touch it, but then he shrieks and runs away…over…and over…and over.


~Annabel’s love/hate relationship is with this haunted phone that she picked out. She likes to play with it, but on HER terms, meaning we had to turn off the motion-activated ringing. I wasn’t sad about that, though…that damn thing gave me like 15 heart attacks.

~Someday I’m going to get an awesome inflatable like this and put it on my roof. I just have to do it when Mike isn’t home. My neighbors will LOVE me.

Happy Sunday, everyone!