Annabel’s school has their annual carnival this Friday, and as one of the room parents I’ve been helping get everything together. Each class has to do a booth/game, and ours is mini golf. My dad is building a little putting green, and I’m making decorations for the booth. It should be fun! I have really fond memories of my elementary school’s fall carnivals.

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Book Fair Finds

Last week, Annabel’s school held a book fair. We read a lot of books on the Kindle, but we still want Annabel to appreciate the magic of picking out real, actual books. So, we surprised her by sending her a $25 gift certificate to let her buy whatever she wanted. The school librarian walked her through the fair and helped her pick out books – although, the librarian told me later that all she really did was hold the books Annabel picked. “That girl knew exactly what she wanted!”

~Ninja Red Riding Hood
~The Octopuppy
~Dog vs. Cat

We then went back after our parent/teacher conference and picked out a few books that Annabel could read to James.

~Red Light, Green Light
~Pete the Cat and the Bad Banana
~Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach

little reader

A kid who can read is the best.

Come On Fall

~October is usually one of the hottest months of the year in LA, and this year has been no exception. I always prefer warm to cold (it’s why I live here!) but I wouldn’t mind it being warm in the 70s instead of in the high 80s – 90s. All of the stores are full of sweaters and long sleeves, and today I got four different emails about fall leggings. Man, I want to wear leggings, and tunics, and sleeves! I’m a little bit tired of being a sweaty mess.

Happy Sunday, everyone!