Annabel has had an AMAZING birthday weekend. Friday was her actual birthday, and yesterday was the big birthday party. Today Mike and I feel like we ran a marathon, but the kids are still super-hyped and anxious to play with every! single! present! Annabel received for her birthday, which really flies in the face of all of the sitting I feel like doing today.

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Science Girl

~Annabel received awesome presents from her friends and family this year – clothes, hair accessories, CDs, a diary, and crafts. The first things she and James wanted to open this morning were a few cool science kits. They’ve already started a garden with a botany kit, made a non-Newtonian fluid with a Disgusting Science kit, and watched water climb with a Stepping into Science kit. They’re all really cool and come with a ton of different experiments. I have a feeling we’ll try ALL of them before the end of the day – in between her trying on all of her clothes, writing in her diary, and dancing to music. I need to borrow some energy!

science kids

Delayed Force

We were bummed to hear that Star Wars Episode VIII’s release date has been pushed back seven months to December 2017. It’s not quite the 32-year wait we had between episodes VI and VII, but considering how often Annabel asks us if it’s “time for the next Star Wars,” I have a feeling it’s going to feel like 32 years. She did get some cool Star Wars presents for her birthday, so hopefully that will help pass the time. Mike found her this awesome Rey figure back in December, and my parents gave her the Rey & Finn Disney Infinity figures, which are so fun I might have to play with them after the kids are asleep.

It’s good to be six!

Happy Sunday, everyone!