Happy freaking new year! I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season. We are wrapping up two weeks off for all of us, and tomorrow we’re back to school and work. Well, “back to,” meaning logging onto our computers at the assigned times, possibly changing our pajamas before we do so, etc. We had a great Christmas, although we missed our extended family tremendously. I really hope that 2021 is the year we’ll all be together again.

This new year, I especially hope that everyone reading here is safe and healthy and hanging in there. We’re in the home-stretch, the vaccines are coming! I am so thankful for all of you and wish you the best for 2021.

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Fun Finds

~I received this pretty sweater for Christmas and now it’s on sale!
~These classic Stan Smith sneakers are on sale, too.
~I gave Mike a Kalimba (aka a finger piano) for Christmas and I just love the calming, peaceful music it makes.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Stay safe out there.