I’ve been on a trip for the last few days, the longest I’ve ever been away from James. It’s been good for me to get away, but I am really ready to see the kids and Mike. Being away from James is hard because he can’t talk (obviously), although FaceTime was great with him because he started giggling whenever he saw me. Annabel, on the other hand, is awesome on the phone and talks my ear off. Still, I can’t wait to hug and smoosh on those faces.


Good Reads

~I kind of want someone to try this. You know, for science.

~I’ve long been a fan of Kelly Wickham and her writing. I wanted to pick just one post of hers to link to, but all of her content is so thought-provoking that I couldn’t narrow it down.

Mother’s Day Next Week

~Customized stuff is always nice because it’s thoughtful and personal. A few years ago I gave my mom an iPhone case from Casetagram and she received so many comments about the cute pictures of her grand kids. If a phone case isn’t a good option, I just came across Stitchtagram, which looks totally rad. Everyone will be getting a blanket with my face on it, haha.

~This silhouette mug is so cute – so many possibilities!

~I saw a demo of this camera yesterday, and now I know what I want for my birthday next month. It attaches to your smart phone!

~This bangle bracelet is the cutest, and I can personally attest to these earrings being awesome (I own ’em!).

Excited About

~I was invited to bring my family to Knott’s Berry Farm in a couple weeks to go to their theme park, stay in their hotel, and then go to their water park the next day. We’re also going to be learning about their Gold Season Pass and Hotel Easy Pay Program, which from my pre-event research looks like a pretty brilliant way to easily pay for an awesome vacation. The best part, though, is that Annabel has no idea this is happening. I can’t wait to load her into the car and be like, “Oh, BTW, we’re going to Knott’s Berry Farm and Soak City. AND WE’RE STAYING IN A HOTEL.” Her head is going to explode. It’s going to be amazing.

~Star Wars! Episode VII! AH! AH! AH! This picture is epic and I want it to come out now.

~Annabel has a Mother’s Day Tea for me at preschool this week. I CANNOT WAIT. Her class will be singing us songs, so I will be a ridiculous giggling/crying spectacle.

Old Obsessions Are New

~I used to be really into using Sally Hansen Nail Strips to give myself an easy manicure because I rarely have the time to get a manicure, and don’t have the skills required to paint my own nails. But I can definitely manage to slap some nail polish stickers on my fingers after the kids are asleep. I haven’t worn nail polish since before James was born, but I passed the nail strips when I was at Target last week and grabbed a box. I’m currently sporting the reverse french, which is very out-of-the-box for me, but I like it.

~Annie loves watching videos of other kids, and last weekend I reminded her about one of her old favorites, Rosie’s Tea Party. I like letting her watch stuff that I know is intended for kids, and isn’t going to have crazy links or content or language. I also like content intended for kids that isn’t insanely annoying, since I am sitting next to her when she watches!

Happy Sunday, everyone!