When this quarantine started six weeks ago, Mike and I started showing the kids a bunch of our favorite old movies. We watched the Back to the Future series, Goonies, Gremlins, Karate Kid, all moves we loved growing up. We also showed them Groundhog Day, which seemed like a good idea at the time. For those who haven’t seen it, the main character re-lives the same day over and over and over (and if you haven’t seen it, you need to, it’s so funny). We definitely feel like we’re living that movie. Like the main character, Mike and the kids have started trying to better themselves. Mike has been playing his guitar like crazy, Annie is writing a screenplay, and James is learning to play the ukulele. And me? I’m getting better at Animal Crossing. Yes, it is a Nintendo game. You know why playing a video game counts as bettering myself? Because it’s chill and relaxed and gets my mind off of everything going on outside of my house. The game lets me turn my brain off of “high alert” mode. I’m done feeling guilty about not using this time to learn how to knit or something. I’m not mentally in a place where I can learn anything and retain it. I highly encourage everyone to use their spare time during this to do something that makes you happy!

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Wild Hairs

Mike and James have decided to grow their hair out. Not that they have much of a choice, because I only know how to give boys buzz cuts. Mike hasn’t shaved since March 11. The picture below is a week old but you get the idea. The beard is driving him a little crazy, but Annie is obsessed with him growing it out for the entire length of our quarantine. We’ll see if he can do it, LOL.

Fun Finds

I’ve been doing a lot of “window shopping” during all of this. You know, opening up a bunch of windows in my internet browser to different online shops. I have no occasions to shop for and we’re saving every penny anyway, but that’s the fun of window shopping!

~I can tell you that one thing I DID buy was a Roku Streaming Stick. We plug it into the movie projector my brother gave me for Christmas and that’s how we’re showing the kids all of our favorite movies! (You can also plug a video game console into it, we’ve been playing a lot of Just Dance 2020).
~Kids Against Maturity looks like a fun game – has anyone played it?
~These “bond bracelets” are a cute idea, but I think I will just put my phone in my pocket on the vibrate setting.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Stay safe out there!