My brother just returned from a long trip abroad, which means his dog, Yoshi, has gone back home. Yoshi really missed Kyle while he was gone, but he and Schuyler have become a tight little pair. After Yoshi left, Schuyler sat by the front door for a while, waiting for him to come back, which was so sad. She snapped out of it when I showed her that she no longer had to fight for toys – everything was hers again! Still, I’ll occasionally catch her looking at me like, “Um, where’s Yoshi?”

(And I know you’re going to tell me to get another dog, but considering how often my brother has to travel it already feels like we have two!)

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Ham Fans

My friend’s daughter is a huge Hamilton the Musical fan, so I got her a bunch of cool Hamilton things for her birthday.

~I want this Hamilton historical coloring book for myself. So nerdy, so fun.
~I also want to put this Hamilton pin on a jacket.
~Annie really wants this poster for her new “Broadway” bedroom.
~And Peggy (of course).

On Your TV

We were invited to a sneak peek of a new movie theater for kids last week (it has a giant playground inside the auditorium), and Annabel and I ended up being interviewed by a news station about it. I was NOT expecting that to happen, and I’m just glad I actually took the time to brush my hair before we left, LOL. I also wrote about it here. I have to say that I think the theater has a lot of potential – potential to be fun, and potential to be a DISASTER. We enjoyed ourselves, but I can see movies in that theater either being a great experience or an awful one, with absolutely no middle ground.

Happy Sunday, everyone!