On Friday, Annabel’s school had a 50s-themed sock hop. She was SO excited about it, she talked about it every day for weeks leading up to the big event. She said that she and her best friend were even practicing dance moves at school in preparation. The dance was super-cute. The school’s multi-purpose room was transformed into a soda fountain, and they had episodes of Happy Days playing on a loop on the projector. A DJ played a mix of 50s music and kid-friendly current songs, and there was even a photo booth. All the kids looked adorable, but my favorite part was laughing at how the boys and girls just ran in circles around each other.

James was SO excited little siblings were allowed. He followed Annabel and her best friend around like a puppy.

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Cool Stuff

~This USB charger for your car will also help you locate your car when you forget where you parked it. Freaking genius!
~My eyes are at the point now where if I’m wearing my contact lenses, I need to have a pair of reading glasses with me. I’m thinking about getting a pair of these key chain glasses so I always have a pair with me.
~Speaking of getting old, I now need to use a special cushion whenever I’m going to sit for an extended period. Without it, I get almost unbearable coccyx pain. Getting old is rad!

Happy Sunday, everyone!