As you may remember, my brother interviewed Gwen Stefani a few months ago, and that interview is now out on newsstands (it’s the March 2015 Cosmopolitan cover story). Through that, my brother was given two tickets to a small concert Gwen gave last night in Los Angeles, and being the best twin brother ever, he brought me! Gwen put on an amazing show – I seriously don’t know how she has that much energy. After the concert, we went to an after-party, where this happened:

just some girls in the world

This was taken AFTER she’d performed a 100-minute set. And no, I did not ask her if she remembered me from the bathroom!

Besides the photo with Gwen, I also ran into a dear friend from my New York days, and I had an absolute blast catching up with him. That alone made my night, but the picture with Gwen was the cherry on top.

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Mommy Nearest

~In September I started freelancing for a a great local resource app and website for families called Mommy Nearest. I’ve been focused exclusively on Los Angeles-area activities, as I absolutely love highlighting the best parts of my favorite city. Last week, I was promoted to Los Angeles Editor, and I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to continue on with this company in a larger role. While right now we only do specialty content in five cities,  the app works in all 50 states and lists places in every major city – like Yelp for families. And, it’s free to use! So definitely check it out if you’re someone who likes to find cool, family friendly local activities.

Stop! Grammy Time

~The Grammys are tonight! Despite still suffering from Grammy-nomination PTSD (it used to be my job to nominate the artists from the label I worked at, and back then it was an incredibly involved and archaic system), I still love the Grammy Awards. I think the Recording Academy does a great job of pairing up different acts to make interesting performances. We’ll be watching tonight – Annabel’s beloved Taylor Swift is presenting, Mike’s gotta see Paul McCartney’s performance, and of course, I’ll be watching Gwen (full list of presenters and performers here). I’m currently listening to the 2015 Grammy Nominees album to get in the mood for the show!

Happy Sunday, everyone!