Ooooh, I am glad this week is over! The kids were hit with a virus, leaving Annabel so sick she basically slept for three days straight. This was definitely the sickest she’s ever been, and it was heartbreaking to see her so miserable. James could barely handle seeing his sister so listless, and was constantly cuddling and kissing her while she slept. Annabel bounced back yesterday, and James is so happy to have his best playmate back in action.

sick cudles

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More For Heart Day

~My darling friend Jessica has a book coming out this week that is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the kiddos. If you preorder Naptime with Theo and Beau, you can get a signed bookplate from Jess here.

~Cool Mom Picks has put together a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide with a ton of cool ideas. I seriously want that Simpsons custom portrait!

~I just bought this cozy pullover sweater with some Christmas gift cards, and I wish I could wear it every day (The description says true to size, but I thought it ran a little big).

~Mike wants new slippers like these, but I don’t really need him thinking he can wear another pair of slippers out of the house.

A Spoonful of Sugar

~Annabel had to take medicine because of her illness, something she absolutely loathes. I kept being like, “Do you know how lucky you are that your medicine tastes like candy?” but no dice. We finally discovered that if we put her cherry-flavored meds into orange juice (ew) she would drink it. How do you guys get your kids to take medicine? We still have some doses to go.

Happy (Super Bowl) Sunday, everyone!