Annabel has been talking about wanting to get her hair cut for a while, but we finally found the time for it last week. She showed us how much she wanted cut, which came out to three inches. It’s still very long, but it’s so much easier to brush (it takes about 1/3 of the time now), and it looks so nice. She knew exactly what she wanted, even asking for little layers in the front (how she knew about layers is beyond me). She said, “Mom, someday I want to donate my hair, but right now I like it how it is.” You’re the boss, kiddo.

new haircut

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Instant Fan

~I know many of you were curious about my Instant Pot, so I am here to tell you: am in love with it. In. Love. It cooks everything so fast, and it all tastes SO GOOD. I made spaghetti squash in seven minutes. I made tomato soup in 25. I made three artichokes in THREE MINUTES. It is totally changing how and what I cook. One of the things I dislike about doing a Whole30 is how labor intensive it can be, but the Instant Pot has made things so much easier. So if you’re thinking about getting one, I definitely recommend it. I’m keeping track of my recipes, if anyone is interested! Keep an eye on it on Amazon, or set up a CamelCamelCamel alert – I’ve seen it sell as low as $78!

Rigby Rules

~Rigby has had a month of chemo, and we got her first round of blood tests back. She is responding SO well! Her numbers have shrunk dramatically (from 140 down to 22, and normal is 17), and she continues to act like herself. I am so grateful that she’s doing so great. Right before Christmas, I went to the groomer who found Rigby’s swollen glands and gave her a thank you gift. Then I cried all over her shirt because I was just so thankful and overwhelmed. I can’t imagine what would have happened if we hadn’t found out about Rigby’s cancer until she started acting differently.

Currently Obsessed With

~James’ froggy rain boots. He loves them, too!
~Cozy socks to go in MY rain boots. Because we’re having rain here! It’s a miracle!
~These Minnetonka Kids Fringe Boots that I found for Annie on a swap site for only $25 – and they’d never been worn!

Happy Sunday, Everyone!