James starts back at school tomorrow and omg, I hear trumpets just TYPING those words. I couldn’t love that kid more, but he NEEDS that routine back in his life. And I do, too! Those kid-free hours are vital to my sanity and make me a better parent…plus I need that time to get work done! Or search for work, since I’m currently unemployed. 2017 needs to come through for me!

The dog needs him to go back to school, too.

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Outfit Inspiration

If you’re lacking outfit inspiration, just think, “WWBW?”

I totally have this outfit.

Hey Alexa

I got Mike the Echo Dot for Christmas and we’ve been having a blast with it. We love that we can ask it to set a timer, or quiz us with Jeopardy questions, or have it add things to the grocery list. The kids, however, are OBSESSED with it. Annie asks it all sorts of things, from history (“Tell me about Anne Frank”) to spelling, (“How do you spell ‘excitement?'”) to geography (“What is the population of the United States?”). And then there’s James, who uses the device as his personal DJ. We’ve listened to a LOT of “Uptown Funk” and “It’s Raining Tacos.”

Random Finds of the Week

~This baby dragon light is so cute. For James, obviously.
~We have these hedgehog dryer balls and they actually work!
~I really want to try the Thaw Claw.

Happy Sunday, everyone!