I used to get so bummed out after the holidays, but ever since Annabel was born we’ve had her birthday to pull us all through the holiday funk. When Annie gets sad about all the Christmas decorations coming down, I remind her that birthday decorations are going up in their place. They help make the house look less-empty.

The Dentist Birthday Party idea did not last the test of time. A few months ago, Annie started insisting on a “Heroes and Villains” party. She is very, very excited about it and has insisted on “practicing” almost every day. To Annabel, practicing means putting on a superhero outfit and watching The Justice League, then running around the house screaming about saving dolls from bad guys.

all in a day's work
All in a day’s work

After I asked Annabel what she wanted at the party (“Sooooo many capes! And lots of bad guys that we have to beat. And candy! A PIÑATA!”) I made my list and started stalking Party City/Amazon/Birthday Express/Oriental Trading for the best deals. That’s another good thing about having a January birthday – lots of post-Christmas specials to take advantage of! I love a bargain.

This is what I have so far. A few more things are arriving this week, and I have several DIY ideas that we’ll see if I’ll have time for.

Piñata, “building” candy holders, puppets, bubbles, balloons, tablecloth, stickers, bracelets, green rock candy (deactivated kryptonite, obvs), and stupidly spelled sound effect signs.

Also masks! Because secret identities are important.

na na na na na na na na hea-ther!
Na na na na na na na na Hea-ther!

Annabel flipped (seriously, if she literally knew how to flip I am certain she would have) when she saw the piñata. I have no idea how we’ll pull it off in our backyard, but my dad is pretty sure he can figure it out.

stuff to make for the party
Oodles of material.

I’m also going to use my new sewing machine to make capes for all the kids. This seamlessly merges my idea to have something on-theme for the kids (the capes are the party favors) with my ability to take on too much. Also, I’m cheap. I’m trying to figure out the machine…I’ve sewn some hems and bracelets with it so far, but the ability to surge fabric seems to be beyond me at this point. I know the stitch I’m supposed to use (the zig zag…right?), but my machine and I can’t seem to figure it out together. I am having fun practicing, though.

My favorite is the illustration I bought for the invitations (this etsy shop customized it):

The Amazing Annabel Saves The Day!

I showed it to Annabel the other day and she said, “That superhero has a face like mine….oh my gosh, is that…me???” She asks me if she can see it several times a day, and has told me to show the illustration to everyone that comes to our house, like the mail carrier or UPS guy. The UPS guy was very impressed. I’ll let you know what the pest control guy says tomorrow.

Annie’s birthday is two weeks from today (omg can’t believe it), so we’ll see if I get everything on my list done by then. It’s been fun to ask her what she wants, then trying to figure out how to deliver on it (yesterday she said, “Mommy, I want pom-poms everywhere at my party!”). But as much as I enjoy putting parties together, it doesn’t hold a candle to how excited Annie is over simply having her friends come over. As long as her friends are there, nothing else matters. Except the piñata. And the cake (obviously) (the cake is Mike’s job).