Man. That game was boring! But I’ll take the boring games any day, especially since the next few games for USC are going to be brutal! I had a lot of fun tailgating with my friends before the game. We got there five hours early and we BARELY made it onto the lawn we usually park on. I think they let about 15 cars in after us. It looks like we’ll always have to get there absurdly early if we want to park in our usual spot. Now that I have one tailgate out of the way, I know the things I need to bring to “upgrade” our experience. My parents are coming to the next home game with us, so I charged them with figuring out how to bring a TV. Should be fun! I also have to get a canopy thing. My friend Ohio surprised me at work today with a USC folding chair! I thought that was pretty nice of him. He said he got it at Sav-On, so I have to go there to get another one for Mike.

In other news, I am a bit under the weather. It seems like a lot of people are right now. I’m mostly stuffed up in my sinuses with just a little cough. Yesterday I was absolutely miserable, but today I feel better – thank you, Sudafed! And that you Mike for getting the Sudafed for me! The only unfortunate side effect from the medicine is it makes me a little out of it. I have been trying to talk to clients today and I have made very little sense. I even left the wrong number for someone on a voicemail! So I’ve decided to take it easy for the rest of the day and try to avoid situations where I’m going to look stupid.

Speaking of situations where I’m going to look stupid, I’m going back to my old sorority tonight to talk to the actives about “life after college.” Ha! What I want to tell them all is to goof off for as long as possible, but something tells me that would be frowned upon. I have a few friends that are going, which is why I am attending, so hopefully one of them will go first. I have no idea what I will say in my awesome drugged state.