I’ve spent a lot more time away from Maddie than your average new parent. Because of the ten weeks she spent in the NICU, I am used to sleeping away from her. Not that it makes things any easier, but it is what it is.

This weekend, Mike and I are going to San Francisco. We desperately need a weekend away, one where we can recharge our batteries and spend time with friends and adults and SLEEP. Oh, the sleep. We need uninterrupted sleep so very badly.

For the last couple weeks, Mike and I have been telling Maddie that she and Rigby are going to Camp Grandma & Grandpa. My parents are generously taking both of them for the long weekend. They seem pretty excited about four straight days of Maddie and Rigby, although I’m sure they’re forgetting that Maddie doesn’t sleep through the night and Rigby fancies herself a guard dog.

I’ve been really excited about this trip for months. Yet tonight, when I was packing, I started to feel really sad about leaving my baby for four days. I don’t know why I’m willingly leaving her. I already don’t get enough time with her, what with working full-time. Obviously Maddie feels the same way.

Think the airline will charge me for this luggage?