We have completed eight days of 24-hour oxygen. You’re probably thinking, “We? Isn’t Maddie the one on oxygen?” While that is technically true, Maddie and I are both prisoners of the oxygen rocket. The nasal cannula is about eight feet long – just long enough for her to romp around on our king-sized bed. While a king bed is large, it’s not exactly an ideal amount of space for a one year old to play. Which means someone has to be with her to make sure she doesn’t crawl right off the bed.

To say it’s hard would be an understatement.

The first few days of 24-hour oxygen were fairly easy. Maddie slept most of the time as that was when she was at her sickest. But the last four days? HOLY COW. She is OVER being confined to bed. She is OVER having a cannula taped to her face. She is OVER IT. And so am I.

I don’t blame her for being completely bonkers. I am thisclose to going bonkers myself! It’s like being on bed rest again. St. Mom has been awesome, coming to spend time with Maddie, but I just feel so badly for Maddie. She needs to be crawling around, practicing her standing, eating tons of food. Instead, she is in bed, coughing so much she whimpers, gagging and vomiting at the taste of her steroids and antibiotics.

It’s really sad. And, while it’s so much better to be sick at home rather than sick in the hospital, I’d rather she not be sick at all.

Two more days of oxygen. Two more. I hope we make it. And I hope those two days are enough to heal her little lungs.