Early this morning at 2 am, Maddie’s nurse managed to wean her off the oxygen she’s been getting. When her Pediatrician (looooove) came this morning, she said that if Maddie’s x-ray showed signs of improvement, she could go home and her bronchoscopy would be scheduled out-patient! Yay! While we were waiting for radiology and the pulmonologist to read the x-ray, Maddie’s oxygen saturation started dipping into the 80’s and the oxygen had to be turned back on. Then her x-ray didn’t show much improvement. So, it was decided that she has to stay another night in the hospital, and there was no decision about the bronchoscopy. Boo. I don’t know whether to be relieved that there isn’t a lot of urgency so therefore things must not be too serious, or annoyed that everything is up in the air. Sigh.

Maddie has a really stuffy nose, so the nurses have been suctioning it every few hours. It’s amazing how much stuff comes out…amazingly disgusting. I suppose it’s no different than when you or I blow our noses, but it’s weird to see it with a little baby. Her nose isn’t that big!!!

I had dinner tonight with three of my friends, Dana, Brianne, and Lissa. I wasn’t going to go but Mike insisted I spend some time away from the hospital for something other than work. It was really nice to eat yummy food and catch up with each other and gossip and get away for awhile. I’m so lucky I have such wonderful friends!

The USA Softball Team paid a visit to my work today. When I was a teenager I played on a travelling team with a girl (well, now she’s a woman) who is now on the Olympic team. We hadn’t seen each other since, oh, senior year in high school, so it was nice to catch up. It made me laugh when she said I had a cool job because, dude, her job is to travel the world playing softball! I would trade in a second. I’ll be watching when she is in Beijing this year going for another gold medal, and I will be sure to remind everyone that the Olympian was good enough to play on a softball team with me!