We had Annie weighed last week, and she is already up to eight pounds. Now, this may be normal, but for us it is crazy. Maddie gained weight very slowly thanks to the steroids and the calories she burned breathing. We aren’t entirely sure of what to make of this chubby little thing! But dang she’s cute.

thank you Erica for the adorable outfit!

Annabel had a fun weekend with special people. My Aunt Terry and cousin Christine came to meet her for the first time. My mom, Aunt Lynn, and cousin Leah also came along, and we had Ladies Day, a fun tradition in my family. I also had some sips of yummy pink champagne in honor of Annie. It tasted like rainbows.

My awesome friend Jackie! came to town to meet Annabel as well. I hadn’t seen Jackie! since October and I’ve missed her a lot. I was really looking forward to introducing her to my baby.

Jackie! and Annie

They cuddled and snuggled a ton. I had to pry Annie out of Jackie!’s arms. I’m pretty sure she wanted to steal her back to San Francisco.

Yesterday I dressed Annie in a super-cool outfit

Kick Ass Outfit
thank you Ally for the adorable hoodie!

and brought her with me to Hermosa Beach for lunch with some of my friends. We ate on the patio of a sweet little blue house a stone’s throw from the ocean. I really love Hermosa Beach, I lived there after college and know it is going to be a special place to take Annie to the beach in the future. The lunch was great, and everyone there was so excited to interact with Annie. They were just as wonderful with Maddie, and it brought up some bittersweet feelings.

brunching with the ladies
Annie’s first brunch with the ladies

Maddie's brunch
Maddie’s last brunch with the ladies

Despite all the good times of this weekend there is a dark spectre looming in the future. Today is March first, and next month is April. That Day is growing closer, and I already have a pit in my stomach and a heavy weight on my chest. I don’t know how I am going to wake up on the day my little girl was taken away from me and face the world. I am still taking it day by day (sometimes even minute by minute) and trying not to think that far ahead.