We just wrapped up our annual trip to Arizona for Spring Training Baseball. We went early this year and I think overall, that was a good decision. Smaller crowds, better souvenirs, cooler weather (I prefer it blazing hot, but that’s not baby-or-preschooler-friendly). It was very strange to see baseball in February, though.

I had a really hard time relaxing on this trip. I was so amped up getting everything ready, going, going, going, that it was hard to just…stop. I forgot how much stuff babies need. I could fit Mike, Annie, and myself into one suitcase, and then James was rolling deep with a bunch of duffel bags full of onesies, diapers, wipes, toys, snacks, the list goes on. So much stuff, and then where do I put it all in the hotel room? Especially because a) I ALWAYS unpack, and b) James gets into everything now that he can crawl, so my OCD desire to unpack the second we arrive anywhere was especially handy this time.

I was so worried I was going to forget something for the kids (which, dumb, I can buy anything I forget) that I completely forgot to pack enough for myself. I am pretty famous for forgetting something major on trips. Usually it’s like, my pants (seriously). This time, I just plain forgot to pack enough. I only brought two shirts, a skirt that no longer fits, and a pair of jeans. So, off to Target I went.

This was James’ first trip to spring training, so it was fun to introduce him to our family traditions. Those traditions are watch baseball, and eat (or watch baseball and eat at the same time). We went to a couple Giants games and a Dodger game. I hadn’t gone to a Dodgers spring training game since I took Madeline five years ago, and it was nice. I even ran into my old pal Tommy.

Jamesie and Mommy at the Dodger Game

Jamesie and Mommy at the Dodger Game.

James likes baseball

Jamesie and Daddy at the Giants game.

James is bored

James is bored.

Annabel loves this trip because she enjoys sanctioned junk food eating (cotton candy, popcorn, ice cream), and then gets to swim off all the sugar in the pool. Basically an ideal vacation for a four-year-old.

hey batter batter

Hey batter batter swing batter!

hey I got cotton candy!

I got lotsa cotton candy!

cheering for homeruns

Cheering for homeruns.

I also took one of my favorite photos of the two of them together:

my baseball babies

We missed all of the crazy rain in Los Angeles, although a fair amount of it did follow us here to Arizona. Luckily, it never rained during any of the games. California desperately needs the rain as we’re in the middle of the state’s worst drought in 100 years. I wish the extra-cold and snowy states could average out with California’s hot dryness.

here comes the rain

Here comes the rain.

And now that we are done with our vacation…I need another vacation. Traveling with children, no routines, worrying that the kids will be too loud and disturb other hotel guests…it was tons of fun, but it was definitely not relaxing!