I have barely slept since Wednesday night thanks to a host of things, so my ability to focus is nil. Although I just typed that sentence, then spent ten minutes trying a braid on my hair. So, my ability to focus on the task at hand is nil. I am going to have to medicate myself to get out of my insomnia rut, or I’m going to develop daytime narcolepsy. True story, in high school my choir director once asked me if I was narcoleptic because I used to fall asleep standing up. Ah, the glory days.

On Friday I was in Washington, D.C. to speak at the National Premature Infant Health Coalition Summit put on by National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalation. I participated in a panel about social media, and I also gave a keynote where I spoke about the value of online communities for families of premature infants, while also outlining ways medical professionals should get involved in said communities. It was a fascinating summit, and I met lots of other preemie parents. I’m looking forward to getting more involved with all of them. Thank you HMHB for having me!

After the summit ended my friend Sarah picked me up at my hotel and we went to the Nationals/Yankees game. I was pretty excited to see a new baseball stadium and also enjoy some fried food and beers. I was even more excited when we arrived at the stadium and I got to meet a former President.


Teddy Roosevelt never wins the Presidential race.

I had a ton of fun at the game with Sarah, even though the Yankees won (I am never gonna root for the Yankees so don’t even TRY).

I got my first post-miscarriage period exactly 28 days after my D&C, which means my uterus is keeping up its super habit of running like clockwork. It’s kind of ironic that I am never on time for anything but my uterus excels at being punctual. It’s also been crazy, crazy heavy. Like, “go through all the tampons I’d brought for myself and have to go buy another box at 4am in DC heavy” (that’s one level before “call 9-1-1 heavy,” in case you were wondering). I was prepared for it to come but not for its sheer force. File that one under, “Things No One Tells You About Miscarriages.”

It was a quick trip so I had no time to tour (sadness). I took two pictures of DC landmarks, both with my iPhone, and then I “ruined” them with crops and filters:

Then I walked outside and took this picture #winning

This was the view right outside my hotel.

Barry's house #photoadayjune

This White House photo was taken from a moving car on my way back to the airport. You go little iPhone!

Even though I wasn’t able to do any sight-seeing, I didn’t leave my computer on a plane and I didn’t poop my pants at any national monuments. I think that makes it the best trip to DC ever!