A few weeks before Christmas, Mike and I grabbed Annabel and met up with my amazing photographer friend Gina Lee for a photo session.

annie and gina

Gina is amazingly talented and I was so excited to have her take photos of Annabel (with a few family photos thrown in, too).

photo by Gina Lee

photo by Gina Lee

photo by Gina Lee

photo by Gina Lee

Gina insisted I bring my own camera along, and then she insisted I take some pictures with it, even though I was sooooo intimidated to use it around her. She gave me some of her lenses to play with…poor Mike. My ultimate camera wish list just got MUCH longer.





It was great to be in front of the camera with Annie. Despite my attempts to be in more pictures, I am still lagging behind. There aren’t enough pictures of me and Maddie, but there WILL be plenty of pictures of Annie and me.

photo by Gina Lee

Thank you, Gina!


(the grandparents totally thank you too)